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Useful apps and other websites relating to air pollution, health and related topics are shown below.

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Related Apps

Various UK based air pollution and health related apps are available. Some interesting apps are highlighted here.

uBreathe (iPhone/iPad and Android) - near real-time air pollution summaries for the UK

AQ Scotland (iPhone and Android) - detailed air pollution levels across Scotland

LondonAir (iPhone and Android) - latest air pollution levels in London

CityAir (iPhone and Android) - helps you plan a low pollution route in London

CleanSpace (iPhone and Android) - track local air quality and the journeys you make to find out how clean the air is around you

See it? Say it! (iPhone) - an easy way to report environmental pollution in the Republic of Ireland

Links for the UK

Air Quality England
An online service providing air quality data for local authorities across England.
Air Quality in Wales
Website showing the latest air quality in Wales
Web Site of the Air Pollution Research Database (APRED). Here you can access up-to-date information on researchers in the United Kingdom working in the field of air pollution, highlighting their expertise and areas of interest.
Cambridge Environmental Research Consultants Environmental modelling software and services.
Critical Loads information
Provides details of Defra'sCritical Loads and Dynamic Modelling (CLDM) project.
Website for the Department of the Environment in Northern Ireland.
UK Department for Environment, Food & Rural Affairs. Air and Environmental Quality. Includes strategy and information.
Department of Health
UK Department of Health
Emission Monitoring and Air Quality
EMAQ for the integrated package of training and technical guidance for professionals responsible for Emission Monitoring and Air Quality.
Environment Daily - European environmental information.
Environment Agency
The Environment Agency services and information page.
is a forum for the exchange of information and best practice in the field of air quality measurement and management in the UK.
Irish Environmental Protection Agency
Providing environmental, licencing and permitting information, plus monitoring and assessment details.
Joint Nature Conservation Committee
JNCC - statutory adviser to UK Government and devolved administrations.
London Air
Latest air pollution levels in London.
Cleaner Air London
Information about air pollution in London.
Local Air Quality Management (LAQM) Support
Defra - Local air quality management information for Local Authorities.
National Atmospheric Emissions Inventory website, providing inventory data and reports.
National Emissions Ceilings Directive
NECD - to combat acidification, eutrophication, ground level ozone.
National Pollen and Aerobiology Research Unit
at the University of Worcester.
Northern Ireland Environment Agency
within the NI Department of Environment.
Environmental Protection UK
Environmental Protection UK (formerly known as NSCA)
Air Quality in Scotland
Scottish air quality data, forecasting, reports and educational information.
Scottish Government
The Scottish Government website, providing information about Government in Scotland, news and policies.
UK Research on The Eutrophication and Acidification of Terrestrial Ecosystems.
TRL Air Monitoring Network
Providing online air quality data.
UK Air Quality
Real time and historic air quality data, statistics and reports from across the UK.
UK Smoke Control Areas
Exempt Appliances in Northern Ireland under the Clean Air Act
UK Stratospheric Ozone and UV Monitoring
Useful information about the UK's Stratospheric Ozone and UK measurements.
UK-AIR: Air Information Resource.
UNECE Convention on LRTAP
Long range transboundary air pollution.
University of the West of England
Air quality management resource centre.

Links for Europe

Andorra Air Quality
Air quality website for Andorra showing near real-time air pollution levels and other air pollution information.
Airparif (Paris & Ile-de-France region) air quality information.
Air Quality in Europe
European air quality information.
The database provides an emissions inventory for 30 European countries based on 1994. Information is provided by country, and will in the future be available also by industrial sector and pollutant.
Czech Hydrometeorological Institute
Czech Republic Air Quality information.
Danish air quality
Danish air quality data, including detailed site maps, for two national networks.
European Commission
About the European Commission's Departments and services.
The European Environment Agency Web website.
European Topic Centre for Air Quality
of the European Environment Agency is lead by the Dutch National Institute of Public Health and Environmental Protection. RIVM along with 3 other organisations including the Norwegian Institute for Air Research. IVL is the National Environmental Research Institute of Sweden.
Environment Daily - European environmental information.
Federal Environmental Agency of Germany
An extensive site covering their many activities, in both German and English.
Global Observatory
The European Space Agency's Global Observatory website that produces environmental earth observation images and greenhouse gas data.
IIASA - TAP Project
Project Details of the Transboundary Air Pollution Project at the International Institute for Applied Systems Analysis, Laxenburg, Austria.
IRCEL - Celine - in Belgium, which has daily ozone values over the summer, as well as historical data. Pages in Dutch, French, German and English.
Joint Research Centre of the European Commission.
Swedish Environmental Research Institute. Up-to-date summaries of current air quality and real-time monitoring data. Pages exist for the cities of Stockholm, Gothenburg, Malmo and Copenhagen region, Norkoeping and Vasteras.
Near real-time Common Air Quality Index (CCAQI).
The Dutch National Institute of Public Health and the Environment pages.
The Geneva Executive Center
The Executive centre of the United Nations Environmental Programme.
Slovenian Environment Agency
Slovenian air quality information.
Swedish Environmental Protection Agency
providing information the environment, nature and legislation.
University of Ljubljana
University of Ljubljana, air quality forecasts.
Unwelt Bundesamt
German air quality information.

Links for the USA

AQMD Air Quality Information
AQMD air quality information from the South Coast Air Quality Management District - which covers Southern California, including Los Angeles. Containing a general introduction, forecasts, summary and reports.
The US EPA Air Website
Publications from the Air and Radiation Division of the US Environmental Protection Agency, AMTIC
The US EPA Office of Air and Radiation
Contains large amounts of information, including the EPA's Air Pollution Database and Air Quality Information Publications.
US Air Now Site
Current and forcast air quality information.

Links for around the world

Environmental Protection Department of Hong Kong
Air Pollution Index (API) supplies daily air quality information.
State of the Environment, Australia
Environmental Information from Australia.
Environmental Protection Authority (EPA) Victoria, Australia
Environmental Information from Victoria, Australia.
Environmental Protection Authority (EPA) Tasmania, Australia
Environmental Information from Tasmania, Australia.
Environmental Protection Authority (EPA) South Australia
Environmental Information from South Australia.
Air Quality Index China (AQICN)
Air Pollution in China: Real-time Air Quality Index Visual Map
Delhi Pollution Control Committee
Delhi Pollution Control Committee real-time ambient air quality data.
NZ Transport Agency
Transport-related air quality monitoring system.
Federal Service for Hydrometeorology and Environmental Monitoring
Russian Federal Service for Hydrometeorology and Environmental Monitoring (Roshydromet): Sochi 2014.

Links relating to Health

Chartered Institute for Environmental Health
A professional, awarding and campaigning organisation at the forefront of environmental and public health and safety.
Know Your Air For Health (EU)
Website for citizens of Europe about air pollution
World Health Organisation
Providing data, information on a range of health issues, publications and programmes.

Meteorological links

BBC Weather
Daily and 5 day weather forecasts for the UK.
Home of the European Centre for Medium Range Weather Forecasts, including data archive and images of medium range weather maps
EUMETSAT satellite images
Monitoring weather and climate from space.
National Weather Service
US Weather Information Site.
NERC Satellite Station, Dundee University, UK
Satellite Images available after registration (which is free)
Interactive satellite images from NASA
The Met Office
UK weather, forecasting and climate information.
The World Meteorological Organisation
Global weather, climate, water and environmental information.