Effects of Covid-19 Restrictions on Air Quality in Northern Ireland

This report investigates the effect of the first period of Covid-19 lockdown measures (in 2020) on air quality in Northern Ireland. Effects of the lockdown on road traffic and other sources of pollution were investigated. Measured concentrations of a range of air pollutants were compared to levels modelled for 2020 if lockdown had not occurred. The full report and a summary version are available from the links below.

Last Published on 21st April 2021

Air Quality in NI

A series of annual reports produced for the Department of Agriculture, Environment and Rural Affairs (DAERA), formerly the Department of the Environment in Northern Ireland.

Last Published on 20th October 2020

Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbons in Northern Ireland

Last Published on 27th September 2011

Automatic Urban & Rural Network: Assessment of Siting Criteria

Last Published on 27th September 2011

UK Air Pollution Brochure

It examines pollution sources, effects, policies, standards and trends over time. It also analyses photochemical smogs which occurred during the record-breaking heatwave summer of 2003. This informative brochure is ideal for public or educational use.

Last Published on 27th September 2011