Downpatrick Roadside

Last updated: 18/12/2023 05:00

Latest Data
Pollutant Band Concentration Period
Nitrogen dioxide (NO2) Not available No data hourly mean
Nitrogen oxides as nitrogen dioxide (NOXasNO2) Not applicable No data hourly mean
Nitric oxide (NO) Not applicable No data hourly mean
Parameter Parameter Name
NO Nitric Oxide
NO2 Nitrogen dioxide
NOXasNO2 Nitrogen oxides as nitrogen dioxide
SO2 Sulphur dioxide
PM10 Particulates < 10 µm (hourly measured)
PM2.5 Particulates < 2.5 µm (hourly measured)
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Site Information
Site Information
Environment Type Roadside
Coordinates (Lat/Long) 54.328443, -5.715743
Altitude Not Available
Kerb Distance 1.5
Site Comments Outsde the Ulster bank on Market St. close to the intersection with Irish St.

Northern Ireland Automatic Urban Network

Parameter Date Started Date Ended
Nitric oxide 01/07/2010 -
Nitrogen dioxide 01/07/2010 -
Nitrogen oxides as nitrogen dioxide 01/07/2010 -
Modelled Wind Direction 01/08/2010 -
Modelled Wind Speed 01/08/2010 -
Modelled Temperature 01/08/2010 -
Site Photos
Downpatrick Roadside site: Site view
Downpatrick Roadside site: North view
Downpatrick Roadside site: East view
Downpatrick Roadside site: South view
Downpatrick Roadside site: West view