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Key to Pollution Levels

lowLow (Index 1-3)
moderateModerate (Index 4-6)
highHigh (Index 7-10)
Very HighVery High (Index 10)
No dataNo data

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Air Quality in Northern Ireland

This site helps you find information and data on air pollution in Northern Ireland and related air quality issues.

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Last updated at 23:00:00 on 22/12/2014 for Northern Ireland

Towns and cities near busy roads Elsewhere in towns and cities Rural areas
Low (Index 1)
Low (Index 2)
Low (Index 3)
Low (Index 3)
Low (Index 3)
Low (Index 3)

The following Agglomerations are in the Northern Ireland area: Belfast Metropolitan Urban Area

Air AwareGet SMS alerts for high pollution

Air Aware is an SMS air pollution alert for Northern Ireland from the DOE and is aimed at people who have existing chronic health conditions, such as asthma or heart disease.
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